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  Examples in Ellipsometery
wafer  Examples of Ellipsometry in Application
ex1The thickness of the liquid-vapour interface of liquid argon near its triple point (84K)
ex2The thickness of the liquid-vapour interface of carbon tetrachloride near the critical temperature
ex3Ordering at the surface of an isotropic liquid crystal
ex4Adsorption of water on various clean smooth solid surfaces as a function of humidity
ex5Adsorption of pentane onto various solid surfaces
ex6Premelting of the single crystal ice surface
ex7Very thin layers of DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) on silicon
ex8Surface uniformity
ex9Real time study of thinning of photoresist layer on silicon
ex10Analysis of photoresist sample using single layer curve-fitting
ex11Etching of 50nm photoresist sample, 100pts per second
ex12Imaging Ellipsometer Image Examples

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