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Instruments based on a modular component system offering a choice of two different ellipsometer tables and a wide range of optical components
pico Picometer
  A high speed (2ms response), high sensitivity (1/100 monolayer of oxide on silicon) single wavelength, single beam ellipsometer based on the Birefringence Modulation design, for measurements of ultra-thin surface layers. Sensitivity limited by Photon Shot noise. Illumination areas to as small as 15 microns.
imaging Imaging
  Uses a CCD detector and microscope zoom lens to produce ellipticity images of a surface in typically 20s. Ideal for inhomogenous or patterned surfaces - sample scanning is not required.
spectroscopic  The spectroscopic version of the high speed, high sensitivity Standard Picometer, covering the wavelength range 250nm to 1700nm (extensions to 200nm are also available).
light Light Picometer   A low cost version of the Picometer mounted on the lower precision Light Optical Table.
reflectometer Imaging
  Produces Reflectivity images of the imaged area, useful, for instance, for studying fibre optic anti-reflection coatings on small fibre-optic surfaces.
modular Modular System  Our components can be mounted in many configurations to suit the customer. The instruments can be used to study polarised and unpolarised light. Examples: studies of Circular Dichroism, the distribution of scattered light from rough surfaces, reflection and transmission by anisotropic crystal, etc.
consultancy Consultancy,
 Custom Design
 & Data Analysis
  The experience and skills of our staff are available to help with your metrology problems and assist with data analysis. We can also design a system to suit your requirements.
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