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The control software on the host computer is based on the IgorPro data analysis package by WaveMetrics. The Picometer Ellipsometer is controlled through a software extension that provides a graphical user interface to the instrument from within IgorPro.

This approach gives the user online access to advanced data visualization and analysis capabilities. IgorPro provides publication-quality graphics immediately after the measurement is finished. Standard analysis functions include numeric differentiation and integration, peak fitting, FFT, and more. Data can be represented as real or complex numbers in up to 4 dimensions, including image processing capabilities.

Ellipsometric data can be represented as Re(r) and Im(r), or as the ellipsometric angles Greek psi and Greek capital Delta. The software provides simulation of ellipsometric data for analysis of measurements.

IgorPro is fully customizable through its built-in programming language. No knowledge of IgorPro is required to run the Picometer Ellipsometer. However, by capturing the measured data directly into a plotting and analysis program, the tedious process of exporting and importing data between separate acquisition and analysis software is bypassed, and the user has the opportunity to analyse the measured data immediately after it is measured.

The Picometer Ellipsometer control software runs on a PCI under Windows NT/2000. Additional information about IgorPro can be obtained through Beaglehole Instruments or WaveMetrics' internet site.

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