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The Picometer with its very high precision is ideally suited to the study of sub monolayer and monolayer structured surfaces.

Do you wish to study protein and polymer adsorption from liquid solutions, electrochemical changes, oxide formation and protein adsorption on metal surfaces, etc?

The Picometer has a sensitivity which is more than 100 times that of other ellipsometers. Furthermore, in many instances it yields the Gibb’s Adsorption parameter Greek letter, capital Gamma directly.

Wetting phenomenon and drop or bubble spreading at the molecular level?

The Imaging Ellipsometer provides a surface image taken over the whole surface at the same time, in contrast to scanning which has an inevitable time lag between different parts of the surface.

Vapour adsorption on clean or modified surfaces? The Picomeer has sub-monolayer sensitivity.

Critical Phenomena at the interfaces between liquid phases?

See Examples and Application notes.


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