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The Picometer measures ellipticity parameters with high speed and high precision. The 2ms response time makes it ideal for use in monitoring time -dependent changes in samples during fabrication, for instance monitoring oxide growth, atomic layer deposition, etc. and a precision of better than 1/100 of a monolayer of oxide on silicon makes the instrument ideal for studying very thin gate-oxide/nitride layers, wafer cleanliness, surface layer uniformity. The spectroscopic option allow studies between 200nm and 2000nm.

UsesExamples/ Applications (click on title)
Cleanliness and uniformitywater layer adsorption (EX4) and DLC layers (EX7)
Characterisation of ultrathin layersvery thin gate oxide/nitride layers (AP7)
Characterisation of thick multilayerspatterned surfaces (AP5)
Time varying samplesreal-time study of photoresist etching (EX9)
Reflectivity and Ellipsometry Scatterometrystudies of diffraction gratings (AP10)

 The Imaging Ellipsometer measures an ellipticity image of a surface using imaging camera, objective lens etc, the complete surface being studied at the one time. Optional area-size survey, from low magnification for measuring oxide uniformity on a 300mm wafer, to high magnification with 3 micron lateral resolution for surveying details of wafer patterns.


Examples/ Applications (click on title)

CMP uniformity-end point characterisation

patterned surfaces (AP5)

300mm wafer oxide uniformity

 OEM instrumentation for fab use -

oxide thickness monitoring process quality control
realtime study of photoresist etching

View brochure (Acrobat PDF file, 68KB) for information on Beaglehole's new family of in line and in-situ OEM ellipsometer. Follow the links bellow for a summary of solutions for specific technologies



Standard ellipsometer mounted on chamber lid (chamber not shown).

The angle of incidence and reflection is 74.5 deg.

The lightpath has been deflected
using prisms to reduce the hardware footprint.

In-situ standard ellipsometer supplied to a major tool manufacturer.
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