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The following technical notes and applications papers are in Acrobat PDF format. If your computer does not display the files correctly you can download the free viewer from Adobe. Use the browser "back" button to return to this page.

Software Updates

We are continually working to improve the performance of our products and respond to feedback. Software updates are now available here for existing customers.

Technical Notes

TN1AOperating Theory of the Picometer
TN1Outline of the Ellipsometry of Thin Layers Using the Picometer Ellipsometer
TN2Beaglehole Ellipsometry Parameters
TN3The Precision Optical Table - Specifications & Dimensions

Application Notes

AP1Selected References and Research Papers
AP2Reflection of Light and Ellipsometry Theory
AP3Ellipsometer Sensitivity - Comments on Error Analysis
AP4Study of Blue OLED Layer on 0.7mm Glass Substrate
AP5 Study of Patterned Wafer Using Spectroscopic Picometer and Imaging Ellipsometer
AP6Real-time Study of Etching of Photoresist on Silicon Samples
AP7Very Thin Gate Oxide/Nitride Layers on Silicon
AP8Optical spectroscopy of chiral liquids
AP9Report on spectroscopic study of thin oxide-nitride samples
AP10Reflectivity and Ellipsometry Scatterometry Studies of Diffraction Gratings
AP11Imaging Study of STI patterned wafer
AP12Characterisation of Thin Oligonucleotide Films

In due course we intend to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's), technical notes describing the technology we use and applications notes intended to provide more details than will be found in the examples on the Examples pages.

Remember that we can provide advice and consultancy skills to assist in finding solutions to your metrology problems and analysing the data collected using Beaglehole Instruments equipment. For contact details, see the Contacts page.

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